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Business Consultants - Seacoast NH - Cohen & Schultz Consulting Group


outside the box business ally…



We are fellow business owners. We know the challenges involved in owning and running a successful business. We also have experience in accounting, finance, starting a business and marketing a business which makes us the best possible partners to help you in selling or buying a business.

We have assembled close team of innovative professionals passionate about partnering with good people for mutually rewarding results.

Bob Cohen

Bob Cohen

Partner / Chief Financial Officer

Kirsten Larsen Schultz

Kirsten Larsen Schultz

Partner / Chief Marketing Officer


Business Consulting

  • Business Valuation
  • Startup Resources
  • “Business Possible” Solutions
  • Licensing & Trademark Management

Buy / Sell Brokers

  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Buyer Representation
  • Seller Representation
  • Transaction Management

Marketing Ally

  • Brand Strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Customer Retention

Accounting Services

  • Consulting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • IRS Tax Problem Resolution
  • Nonprofit Guidance

    Property Management

    • Accounting
    • Financial Reporting & Analysis
    • Reserve Studies
    • Contract Negotiations
    • Professional management services

      Business Opportunities


      Learn more about our current businesses for sale… Opportunity Awaits!


      Q. I am starting a new business. What type of entity should I set up?

      A. If you are forming a small business, you face several choices. Sole Owner, Partnerships, corporation or S-Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation and Limited Liability Partnership. These entities have certain tax consequences that you need to be very aware of. An appointment with Bob Cohen will help you decide which entity would be the most tax advantage for you. Call for a free consultation.

      Q. How do we value a business?

      A. There are many factors that we use to determine a fair market value for your business. We are active members of the International Business Brokers of America which provides us with listings throughout the country such as yours and will also give us ratio percentages of what businesses normally sell for based on their gross income. Of course there are many other factors that we will review based on your financial reports that will have a direct affect on your sales price.

      Q. Should you buy a business versus starting a new one?

      A. There are pro’s and con’s with both, however the advantage of purchasing a business is that it has been in existence and many of the costs that are incurred getting a business started can be eliminated when you purchase a going concern.

      Q. What is Goodwill?

      A. Goodwill represents the value of the business that is above and beyond the worth of separately identifiable tangible business assets. Unlike physical assets, like buildings or equipment, goodwill is an intangible asset. The value of a company’s brand name, solid customer base, good customer relations, good employee relations, and any patents or proprietary technology are examples of goodwill.

      Q. If I sell my business what can I expect to pay in taxes?

      A. This is an awesome question. Our expertise will assist you in looking at ways we can help you reduce taxes when you sell your business. Selling a business could generate a capital gain to the seller and proper analysis of your financials become extremely important when you decide to sell. We are completely up to date with the current tax laws and will be able to assist you with the proper tax planning that comes along with selling your business.


      “Bob did my taxes last year. Did a great job and would highly recommend.”

      Shawn Dufresne

      “Kirsten is a networking machine who has both a keen sense of marketing and ability to see the big picture. She is hard working and motivated for her clients.”

      Michael Muldoon

      Jeff is the Swiss Army Knife of web developers. He has a deep marketing background, solid technical skills, and can get dirty with code when he has to.

      Rich Collins
      Thirst Productions

      “Kirsten is very educated in her field and I trust all her ideas and recommendations when it comes to my business. She’s been very helpful and enjoyable to work with. “

      Karel Miller
      Making Faces by Karel

      “Kirsten is thorough and thoughtful, accurate and timely, available and creative. Did I say creative. Love her work and all the marketing help she has provided. I would recommend her to any task she would take on.”

      Jim Better
      Essential Plans of Insurance

      Jeff is a triple threat: A WordPress, branding, and online marketing expert. I have been amazed at his ability to take on multiple projects and delivers stellar results.

      Matt Siden
      Nugget Island, LLC

      “Knowledgeable and available for questions”

      Monik Graham
      Home on the Seacoast


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